Are You Ready to Fix Your Relationship With Travel?

Quite simply, PEACE, LOVE & TRAVEL is committed to providing a WORLD-CLASS,  PERSONAL, CONSISTENT, and PROFESSIONAL travel service that WOWS clients.

We are people-centric and service-focused Travel Therapy


"Beth Is a JEWEL and provides a level of service I rarely see"

~Owen F.

What is a Travel Therapist?

In a world of information overload and automated responses to questions for clarification, I am here to help you make sense of the nonsense.

As a Travel Therapist, asking you to dig deep, I help you find your inner peace by guiding you through the myriad of options when it comes to making your travel dreams a reality.

So, if searching the internet makes your head spin like it does mine, let's get you into travel therapy right away. Life's a trip, and trips are meant to be taken, not stressed over.

Stop wasting all your time searching the internet and reach out for a consultation.

Why Choose Peace, Love & Travel?

When you book your trip with us, we know that this trip is important to you. We know you work hard to be able to go on vacations. To us, you are not just online data, and you will never be just another client.

Ever since I became a travel advisor during the "age of the internet," the #1 question I am consistently asked is "how do you compete with the internet?" The answer is quite simple - I don't compete with the internet. Those online travel sites can't possibly offer personalized service and peace of mind:

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    We are easy to get in touch with via email, phone, text, or social media.

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    We care about you - and your experiences.

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    We always work hard to get you the best value possible.

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    We do our absolute best to make sure your trips are as flawless as they can be.

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    We want you to have such great service that you rave to others about how great your travel agent is.